About us


Love Cares is a non-profit organization run by three young Austrians who support the Fundación Riocanes, a street-animal shelter in the North of Colombia.

All three of us have personally volunteered at the shelter and experienced first-hand what important work the owners are doing. We helped feed, wash and treat the animals. It is hard and dirty work, but also very rewarding.

100 % of your donations will go directly to the animal shelter in Colombia.

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Volunteer Pizzi - check out her Video about the Fundación Riocanes


Volunteer Josef painting the new shelter


Lots of love for volunteer Stefanie


The shelter is called Fundación Riocanes and is run by two Colombians, Gloria and Alfredo, who decided to dedicate their lives to saving dogs and other animals from the street. The region is very impoverished and many animals are in poor health.

Currently there are more than 40 dogs and 6 cats living at the shelter. And although this is the only shelter in this part of Colombia, it does not receive any governmental funding. This means that the owners of the shelter have to cover all costs for food, medication and healthcare themselves.

Space is another really big problem. The dogs have taken over every couch and counter available, so there is barely place for the ones they have rescued, let alone take on more.


Gloria changing a paralized dog's diaper

Have a look at their Facebook page (in Spanish only) to see what amazing work they are doing in their daily lives.


Pro-Bone-O vets at work at the Fundación Riocanes


Alfredo with Lulu and Mocho