Donating to Love Cares

As you can see in the picture above, these dogs are hungry and they eat a lot! To be exact: 30 kg of dog food per day! In order to feed all dogs, there is a great need for donations to buy dog food and other supplies every month.

One simple but effective way of helping, is by donating directly to our account:

Name: Love Cares - Patricia Petrovsky
Bank: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT88 1200 0100 2044 2454

The bank account is located in Austria as the people behind this projects are all from Austria. We have all visited and worked at the shelter in Colombia and that's why we want to help.

We will send all donations once a month to the Fundación Riocanes to keep transfer costs as low as possible. We are also working on other payment forms and will update this page with new information soon.

As we have received requests from donors located outside of Europe, we have created a guide to help you choose the best method to donate in such way that the shelter and its dogs benefit most from it.

Guide How to donate to Love Cares and the Fundaçion Riocanes

How much should I give?

First of all: We are thankful for any donation, no matter how big or small. But to give you an idea of how much it costs to rescue and keep dogs in Colombia, we've broken down the costs here.

Rescue package

The Fundación Riocanes rescues injured or sick street dogs. Therefore, the costs are the highest when first taking in a new dog. Such a dog requires vaccinations, treatments for flees, ticks and worms, neutering/spaying and special nutrition as they often suffer from malnutrition.

With a donation of EUR 100,- we’ll be able to rescue another dog from the streets of Riohacha. Here is a breakdown of these costs:

Rescue package breakdown COP EUR*
Vet consultation $30.000,00 €9,00
Test for distemper & parvo virus $65.000,00 €19,00
Defleaing $25.000,00 €7,00
Deworming $15.000,00 €4,40
Neutering/Spaying $100.000,00 €28,60
Post surgery antibiotics $10.000,00 €2,90
Antiseptic spray for wound $10.000,00 €2,90
Concentrated feed $70.000,00 €20,00
Quintuple vaccine $25.000,00 €7,10
Sum $350.000,00 €100,00

*approx. exchange rate 1 EUR = 3.500 COP as of December 2017

So, if you want to help rescue the next injured or sick dog the Fundación Riocanes will be taking in, we'll be overwhelmed by your donation of EUR 100,-.

Other general expenses

General costs for keeping the Fundación Riocanes above water include the following:

General expenses COP EUR*
1 bag of dog food, 70 l $70.000,00 €20,00
Defleaing $25.000,00 €7,00
Deworming $15.000,00 €4,40
Neutering/Spaying $100.000,00 €28,60
Chemotherapy for sticker tumour $50.000,00 €15,00

*approx. exchange rate 1 EUR = 3.500 COP as of December 2017

Surgeries and special needs dogs

Once in a while, the Fundación Riocanes will receive injured dogs who need surgery or special treatment such as a mini wheelchair, diapers, etc. If you want to support a special needs dog, check out the dog profiles (look for Milagro) and inquire for the monthly costs of these special needs dogs.

If a surgery is necessary we’ll usually post this information on our facebook page, so follow us and stop by our page once in a while to receive regular updates.

Why not just donate to the shelter directly?

You can, but only if you are located in Colombia. We have experienced why: our first donation we sent from the Austrian bank straight to the shelter’s bank account in Colombia. We already paid the fees to the bank, but when Gloria went to her bank to retrieve the money, her bank would only give her 50 % and charge the rest in fees. That’s why we now collect the money for her and send it in a more economic way.